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just raced......


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had a little play with a golf gti just now....... woz from a set of lights to another, prob about 1/4 mile long.....


lights when green, both floored it, i woz about a car infront and started to break for the lights coz there woz cars already there waiting at them.....


golf decides to take inside lane (dont think he saw lights where on red) and went smack bang into a ford searra (spellin!) with a car full of peeps!


i couldnt beleive it! both cars are easy right off's...........


lesson to u all, dont race :P 8o

(or just look out for traffic lights!)

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It depends weather u stop or not, i seen cars spin off the motor way and everyone just carrys on, I werent to sure weahter to stop the other nite when my mate spun off but i turn round and went back as I wanted to know if there ok, but then we decided to after a bit as the cops would come down then start asking questions 8o
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