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Superchip does anyone know


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Al will it give me the same gains as an internal chip which is about 7-8 Brake. I know it doesn't give you much extra power but it is supposed to dramatically change the torque.

The benefit of the piggy back super chip,is that it can be plugged in 'live' to a laptop, and the settings can be adjusted as the car is driven. Al.

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So does that mean I'll still have to go to a dealer to have it fitted ?(

Will the gains still be similair to the internal chip, sorry to keep asking but I ain't got a clue ?(

You do you keep asking about an internal chip?? The superchip is a unit that doesn't replace the manufacturers chip,it piggy backs it,and enhances it.Authorised Superchip suppliers will install and set it up for you. Al.

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I've got the chance of a superchip piggy back module for my 1.8 zetec can anyone tell me if these still make good power gains and if they are easy to fit?

IMO chips only produce power gains in a turbo car afew extra BHP is all you'll see and a few extra in a heavy car aint gonna matter much, personally i wouldn't bother but thats just my opinion, enjoy whatever you do :thumb:

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and you said you knew nothing about it Si :D

Thanks Al I think I've finally got the grasp of this one :thumb:

Been offered it for £65 is it worth the money?

Don't worry this one won't go on and on :D

As JB has said, you will have a few extra BHP,but you won't notice it much.I personnally would spend my £ else where.Al.

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