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pics of my paint


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ok just back from the bodyshop, desided i should take a little trip down to discuss things about the car...


the cars still in bits, so i could only get pics of the parts, and i apologise for 56k viewers as each image is approx 500kbs big....




Random pic of my bonnet, and rear bumper




same as above, but front n rear





This ones my wing mirror, this also has a little gold lacquer on it, so you can see a little of the effect the whole car will give.



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coming close to 5months i think....


just now there respraying everything that got infected...includes the whole shell :(


when i went in the whole car was rubbed down to the metal, cause there was 14 litres of paint on it, and he said that was a bit much, so they rubbed that down, and there respraying it so its better......so they said they will have all that done tonight and will hopefully be re-building the car somepoint on new yr.

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yup, your probably talking about the line in front of the vent :( the bodyshop has also complained about that, they where going to smooth it out free of charge because the guy at the bodyshop thought people would associate that work with his, and didn't want that to happen, i myself know its poorly done, but for £300 for the bonnet including bad-boyed and the vent, i can't exactly go out and buy another like that :(


in time to come ill pay for it to get smoothed out....but it will do just now, its not a major issue.

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heres another one of the tail gate, again it looks slightly pinkish......due to the high lighting :)


in the background you can see the car, the whole shell was scrubbed back down to the metal....to get re-painted.




i had a real close look at the spoiler cutting and fitting, and i give the guy 10 out of 10 for it, hes made that spoiler fit like it was for the escort, really nice. since its too big, apart of it has to rest on the wing, but it rests perfectly....

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