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FAO all you dads................who like cars.....


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After speanding two days cleaning my cars interior, polishing up everything and washing the carpets, mats and seats I took one of my mates to a party last night.


Was having a great time (wasnt drinking but thats nothing really new!), and after 3 ish was bringing him home when he barfed all over my door card, my seat and most of the car.


I have managed to get it cleaned up almost immediatly, however the smell's still there, and im going to give it a proper sorting tomorrow, after wiping it down with cloths etc last night after he did it.


(theres a long story and its not worth going into, sufice to say, he embarased me infront of my mates, got me into a fight and ruined my chances with this stunning girl that looks like tapanga from Boy meets world...........)


So folks, any advice or suggestions, im thinking of a very watered down dissanfectant, but im not sure, any help is greatful!!!!!!!!

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