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mtx-75 ratio's


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just swaped my gearbox mtx-75 "rs2000" dodge 5th and put in mtx-75 "xr3i 130" witch is fine but seam to slow the car down 3rd gear old box 90 new box 85 just ! plus slow to pull in 5th and tops out 120 with loads of rev's left. so is there any diffrence between a rs2000 gearbox and xr3i 130 gearbox on the gear ratio's ? i thought all mtx-75 gearbox were the same ? any help would be great cheers sarg
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unfortunately mate there the 3i boxs are designed to stay with those engines the standards can be chopped an changed to any car but the more sportier models cant unfortunately

like a guy where i work got a rs turbo 1800 put the original box 4 the engine bk on n tops out at exact 140.1 mph put on the 1800 gti box n will do 151.5mph flat out

ive found that the better hock up to do though is if u got a 2l to put the 1800 box on or a 1800 the 1600 box on etc gives better overal performance increases

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Haynes manual states only one set of gear ratios available, and 2 final drives ratios, which are very similiar indeed.


3.82 and 3.84.


You may find this topic interesting - It's all about heavy suspension work and track prep for our FWD escorts! Also some info about gearboxes and whats available to us.


We've not discussed anything for a few weeks, but I'll be posting some more stuff in there soon, so feel free to bring it Back To The Top! :D

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heres a bit about gear kits for dogging the box :D http://www.quaife.co.uk/catalogue/page37.htm


heres about the ATB



mine accually came with the car, so cant really say the costs or improvement (it was in harvez old car) although im not sure that everythings right, as the driveshaft was popping out on gav? but anyway thats a different storey lol.


Brian on here whos from holland? had one fitted into his estate and says its made the world of difference in the handleing department :)


Email them and theyll tell you the suppliers (i couldnt see it on the site).


Id try Harvey Gibbs :)

at specialist car services







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