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Im hoping to buy some parcel shelf adapters so I can put some 6x9's into my car without any cutting or messing about.


2 questions...


1) Has anyone got any experience with parcel shelf adapters? like these



https://i23.ebayimg.com/02/i/06/de/fa/5c_1_b.JPG' alt='5c_1_b.JPG'>

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You are bidding for a set of Autoleads Rear Shelf Speaker Adaptors for Ford Escorts from 1990 onwards.


These adaptors are item code 704544, part number SAK-1510-H. They allow attachment of 17cm speakers to the rear shelf, making for an altogether better sound than the existing poor quality speakers.


The kit includes the speaker adaptors, adaptor leads for connecting to the ford connectors, fitting screws and the instructions.


The whole lot is in the original box and has only been used for a couple of months. I have changed cars now so have no need for this item.


Happy Bidding!


they wont take 6x9's


beat way to fit 6x9's it to use 2 pieces of wood for each speaker.... pics to follow....

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