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cossie arches

94 ELX

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aparantly (and i didnt know it) you can put the whole lot on your 5 door as im currently looking at it...something to do with splitting it between your rear quarter panel and your rear door aparantly..so a little modification from the bodyshop required :) ..and i dont think the look stupid with just the fronts but they look better with the baks ;)
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as per pm i wouldnt do it all over again.

It cost me loads, the level of cutting and how good it looks obv depends on the bodyshop you let loose with it :)

mine took 6 moonths, from a 4 week estimate.


as per pm do the fronts, and get the skirts.


have the skirts slope in at the rear of the car to meet your normal arches, et volia.

itll look like there wide and cost less and save time, thats deffo how id do it if i were to do it again.

should only cost £600 ish i reccon this way too!

It works too deano has normal arches on the back of his green 3 door mk6, im sure hell be able to find soem pics out.

Or why not just ask stoo about the orion hes gonna sell with them on :D

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