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FAO any plumbers, competent diy'ers, lol


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I'm busy tiling my bathroom at the moment and have got to the stage where I have to take my radiator off the wall :(


I'm having some problems with the water flow-it keeps p!ssing out, basically lol.


Picture of the rad




I've turned off the valve on the right (the one that says + and -





I've turned off the room stat on the left and taken it off, so it's not still on it's frost setting






I've undone the nuts that keeps the copper pipes tight and let the water flow out for a while, thinking that the radiator needs to be emptied, but the water flow isn't stopping :(


The water isn't coming out of the radiator, it's coming up from the copper pipes that attatch to the radiator.


How do I stop this?


I know I shouldn't need to turn my water supply off, as I should just be able to disable this one radiator without the need to turn my water supply off.


Photo of my new bathroom tiles for anyone interested :D





Thanks in advance for any help :thumb:

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u should be able to turn both ends of the rad off.


That'll leave wter in the rad to drain, which is a bit messy - the water will be yukky- but you can put plastic sheets down and drain it into some low tupperware etc


the nasty bit is u have to undo the valves from the rad ends and open the bleed valve fully


Any probs: MSN me




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Thanks for the help everyone.


I turned off the water supply, just in case :) and the radiator is hanging off one pipe at the moment :D


Just waiting for the tiles to dry out a bit before I grout the tiles and put the radiator back on the wall :)


Cheers :thumb:


PS: I might post again later on, when I connect it up and turn the water back on and it p!sses water out everywhere :roll:

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