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VSIB fittment?


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I'm planning on fitting my cobra CAT1 alarm to VSIB standard if I can actually fit it at all.......lol. I understand that the immobiliser wire has to be cut out and approx 1m of the original wire removed, all wires have to be hidden within looms in order to hide wiring, anybody know of any other ways in which the wiring is intended? Cheers.
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all i know mate is i started removing the concept300 that was fitted to my old car yesterday and its Fcuking crazy (it was put in by bassjunkies) The wiring is in my main loom dead tidy,almost impossible to find it all.The control box for it is the size of a piece of A5 paper and 2 inches deep.

Im struggling to get the wire from the siren back through the bulkhead so i can pull the siren out,then theres gonna be the case of finding the 2 point wireless immob (i assume ill have boxes wired onto my starter motor and fuel pump?)

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