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My first car. Bulletproof Mondeo 1.6 16v. 40k on the clock when I bought it. I sold it to my brother, and within 4 months it was scrapped :'(



There was then a Mondeo 1.8 16v that shat it's gearbox.


Then a Mallard green 1.6 LX that I loved, but I spun it and wrote it off after hitting a patch of something on a duel carriageway corner. 85mhp backwards into the central reservation; wouldn't recommend it:



There was a 1.8 Mondeo Verona at some point about now. The hydraulic clutch gave up within weeks, so it was sold on.


A mondeo 1.8TD was here aswell as a bit of a project. It was useless and cost me too much to get back on the road. It was sold too.


Then there was my mate's 1.4 LX that he was selling as the ignition barrel had minced itself. I replaced that and experienced the joy of PATS. It was a really nice car, I love the aubergene, but it's the slowest car I've owned.



Next? A mk5a 1.6 Ghia automatic. This spawned my dislike for Autoboxes. Lovely car. Excellent condition for it's age. Those tribal graphics on the bonnet were the first thing to go :) :



After that I had another mk6 1.6 5dr. It was just a runaround.


Next came my first 316i. 200k on the clock and ran as sweet as a nut. Loads of little niggles due to previous owner's neglect of it though :( I loved that car though:





Another 316i that I bough, fixed, and sold on for a tidy profit. The guy that bought it drove it from Aberdeen to Wales with no tax, insurance or MOT. Idiot.



A mondeo 2.0si to take the engine out of then strip and sell:



Cleaner than clean E30 316i Lux. Mint car, Loved it too. Just a bit of a runaraound. E30 > E36 for arse out action :)





And the most recent was a 3dr 1.6 si to put a 2.0 in, but I found a better shell, so I got rid of it too.




I've missed out a few, but that'll do for now :)

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A few more.


Rubbish E30 316i:



Nice E36 320i:



Lovely Audi coupe:



Which met a tree:






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1992 318is - bought as a non-runner and did a lot of work before getting it back on the road and looking respectable :) About to go up for sale:



Replaced by a BMW 318TI:



Althought I really liked the white coupe, I couldn't really say no to a car much newer and in better condition for about the same price!

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Probably missed another few, but:


Audi Coupe 2.0E - Been my daily driver for almost 2 years now:





BMW E36 316i Touring - A fixer-upper that I never got motivated to fix up:



Audi S2 Coupe - Rolling project and soon to be daily driver:




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