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JC's Escort


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Had a few things added to my little car, Not the best pics as were off my phone











also had a GTi Steering wheel added, as don't like the 4 spoke standard. Though totally forgot about swapping the clock to a white one! Its nice having a digital speedo!





a a pic of the car in question!





those clocks look familier,looks the muts nut jc :thumb:

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you could get the mileage altered electronically at a garage if it bothered you :cheers:


Its never bothered me :thumb: only thing when i come to sell the car, but the change in dials was documented.


After a little "incident" down london :vangry: got nice new rubber on the back, very grippy!



Had my viper fitted:




undecided whether to remove the mark left on my car or not??? Any thoughts people?



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leave it on , they suply em for a reason ;)


looks good :)


and mr metallica , why do you allways copy the pics ? :roll:





what do you mean always.i did it because i bought the clocks of jc



sorry used the wrong word .... ment quoted


and new interior looks nice , nice and comfy :D

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Yup def more comfy, more figure hugging!


looking good,, but that handbrake looks a wonky angle X(


Matey its a late model finesse the handbrake is a different shape to the early mk6, so is at the right angle :thumb:


Think will leave the stickers on, though they were cheeky putting their advertising on rather then the proper viper one!

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Thought i'd add some pics while i'm "relaxing"


Took my bumper off a few wks back, was a little grubby! (using auto glym bodywork shampoo, super resin polish and gloss protection)




cleaned the back whilst my bumper was off:




Had my lights out to seal them in properly as were giving a slight leak so cleaned around them to:




Got some genuine spats off ebay, £20 posted (some one here laughed at moi when i offered him £20!)




Took the bumper off and attached the spats with it off




was alot easier to do this with the bumper off. Used Tiger seal and a single bolt on the inside then the genuine clips underneath. (Thanks for your advice Rob! (bluliz) :thumb: ). Using Genuine spats the fit wasnt as amazing as i thought it was as i think my bumper was a fraction warped on the bottom!


clipped them on whilst the sealant dried and let them over night:





They look nice when fitted:




Added some new mudflaps, as the genuine ford ones i had no longer fit, they were cheap and i liked the colour! ( thanks Chris!)




How a clean bumper looks!




Will get round to doing another update v soon i hope!

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Thanks. They were cheap! and do the job 8o


I was lucky enough to find a set in silver, ( £20 iff ebay) as my painting of metalic paints isnt brilliant!






really need skirts sorting!

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