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ScORTEDS car history


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Had various cars to play with whilst learning... mk2 golfs a metro and my favorite an E30




Then a few months before i passed my test i was given a mk2 astra... neptune blue, 5 door poverty spec but it had the 1400 engine as found in the nova SR... when i got it there was a fuel oil and water leak the back arches were rotten and it had various cosmetic problems.

i soon sorted all the above and fitted a GTE kit , abigger carb and some other scrapyard tuning... it saw a gps verified 129mph!! it really felt very fast, and kept up with a lot of things... it was majorlystripped, a pair of seats and a dash :thumb:





and cleanest engine bay award goes too


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Then one night after a 7-8k rev at speed the car dropped a valve and got scrapped :(


i wanted another one! i found a 5 door SRi 1.8... but sadly couldn't afford the insurance

but i found a red 5 door ecort lx m reg for £380 with tax and test

first mods



it progressed with an RS accessory kit i had lying about







then a final evolution into a seriously nice car (IMO)










then istarted a new job and didn't want to park the car in an industrial estate every day and

the milage wouldn't have helped so i sold it for £1500 but let it go for 1k plus an M reg pug

306 diesel :(


it was crap i hated it but it was frugal, i got bored after about 2 weeks a bought: XR2i 8v






it was cheap and tuned... and best of all a ford

sadly it was rottern i stripped it down and it lingered in my garage for a good 5 months

before going to the crusher






Can i get a bump... the automerge is set at more than 1 min :thumb:

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not long after i discovered it was rottern(the fiesta) the pug blew out a front tyre in the ouside

lane of a dual carridgeway in heavy traffic - i managed to dodge it all but that was the final straw

it had to go so i sold it to my step brother for £200 he still has it 3 years on! that night i was

on autotrader and found:1.8 16v LX 3 door in caymen blue still got





theres a full thread on this car here: http://www.ford-force.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5199






Its still an on going project, after i got it plenty of other escorts followed:

Bought a runaround while my green escort was in pieces undergoing a rebuild

£350 68k and mint.. all original panels and only one bit of grot on the car







and obviously i buggered about with - leather interior 17s... lol all with a mighty 1400cvh :roll:




sold it to a mate who chavved it up then it got broken into and later crushed :(


Whilst i had the black one a mk4 1.9 power engineering XR3i came along - still got

bit frilley around the edges but it has RST everything... a nice little sleeper





i'm currently bringing it up to mot standard


then i got a piece of sh :censored: t mk4 astra company car very heavy on tax, shite on fuel and

everything kept braking - i wouldn't have pissed on it if it was on fire - i tried my best to keep

it going but the previous users had been an alchy who crashed it a few times and a muppet.

naturally when it blew up after 25k in 9 months in my care and about 15 visits to vauxhall :rolleyes:

then they sacked me rather than buy me a new car... nice that... Quality employer NOT



before that blew up another car was added to the collection - sold on ebay

a new unregistered mk4 xr3i cab built from a new shell - never used mint!




and another bump please lads :rolleyes:

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M3 body kit on the e30 :thumb:






currently waiting for the right time to get it registered etc...


Then whilst i was job hunting an evo car came up cheap... sadly its first owner bodged lots of it

then it had a half completed 2.0 swap and caused me masses of aggro, but tbh for £500 i can't

grumble... its currently on its way to being an RS2k replica only 15bhp short too

2.0 Si 3door sold for £1450 to Stu 1.6si

from Escort4.jpg



currently building up the mk5b as a turbo propelled track car eta end of the year.

and the 2.0 is my daily drive, just a bit of body work to sort an an rs2k interior to fit :)


the end



yes mate that was the spoiler you nearly bought... sold it to a nice lass called Nadine whos obviously chaned

her mind about it, looked quite good - you'd have never got it on that boot though :(

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how do you lot do it, you lot get through cars quicker than a monkey can swing from a tree, ive had my 3 car in 3 years? thats not a lot.... is it? mine were due to women in car park and engines 2 engines infact (bloody cvh engines.)
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have to say i never really liked ur mk5b


but ...omg




how nice does this pic look, still on half halves about the rs kit, but the alloys :drool: with the arches, even the lower spoiler that would look so silly on other peps cars, fits so well with urs, grand job mate

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