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ScORTEDS car history


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Well I sold The RS2000 in summer last year, which was a shame because it was a tidy car even if a HPi report when i was trying to sell it showed the actual mileage to be 100000 more than it had on the clock! That didn't bother me personally as I bought it without much history on its condition. The reason i sold it was due to moving in with my girlfriend to live in Hull where insurance is much more expensive, the rs parked on our street would have cost 3x what its replacement costs to insure.


Focus Zetec 2.0 16v, a perfectly adequate car in every way, practical, comfortable, safe if not very fast. But with insurance for it parked on the street fully comp with me and the other half on it continues to be £240 a year we'll be keeping it :) I've already changed the exhaust for a ford racing single 3.5" one and fitted standard rear lights, just not been bothered to take pics when i've washed it.





only things left to do are to remove the rear tints and maybe lower it.


as for escort ownership I'm pretty sure when i sell or break money pit that'll be the end for me as i want faster and I'm not a fan of RSTs.

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before i sold the focus (the second time(for not a great deal)to a good friend) I treated myself to something a bit fruity as i wanted something flash with some poke:







was quite thirsty, engine sounded nice under load, power roof was cool, looked good until i slid at about 10mph into the corner of a wall and bashed the front end




did this on my birthday while the car was on pistonheads for sale, the subsequent reduction in price got it sold to quickly, to another friend: mykez69


currently carless!



although I will be able to drive this that i just sorted out:




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well the scabriolet / scabby went awhile ago (1.8 130spec fully loaded non messed with)




then I had the 40+ mpg monster that was a 1.25 16v fiesta ghia -eeek




I also sold money pit




and i sold a punto i took in p/ex only driving it after selling it to deliver it




Now having consolidated all the cars into money i have one car to do everything (apart from 40mpg :roll: )





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you still got the unregistered cab?? where there hell did you find that beauty? hope thats in shrinkwrap somewhere increasing in value by the second.


Some really exceptionally gorgeous cars there mate :thumb:


If you want to go seriously mental, try the evoIV, fastest productio car ever made, if you can stop it spinning in any gear lower than 4th, your doing bloody well.


good luck with the degree, go for the masters, I did and it makes the world of difference in the long run, you'll pay your loan back bloody quickly with that!


nice one

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have to say i never really liked ur mk5b


but ...omg




how nice does this pic look, still on half halves about the rs kit, but the alloys :drool: with the arches, even the lower spoiler that would look so silly on other peps cars, fits so well with urs, grand job mate



Scorted, those wheel arch trims???

are they for the mk6 scort??????


they look tidy

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