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ScORTEDS car history


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have to say i never really liked ur mk5b


but ...omg




how nice does this pic look, still on half halves about the rs kit, but the alloys :drool: with the arches, even the lower spoiler that would look so silly on other peps cars, fits so well with urs, grand job mate



Scorted, those wheel arch trims???

are they for the mk6 scort??????


they look tidy


They are for a mk5/6 escort, cyclone extra wide arches, cost £120 for the four corners but took a lot of time to fit and blend

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about 6 months ago i decided i needed a spare car:




The "BattleBus" toyota Carina Auto with a 3SFE - its basically a celica estate (ROFL)

Its rubbish but its awesome it best of all costs nothing to run.



lucky id bought it really as i found even more grot in the sill of my mx5 so i broke it for spares:




The withdrawl set in quickly:





I've also bought a turbo/management/polybushes/adjustable coilovers/blah blah for it



I sold this from the fleet recently; sad to see it go as it was an ace car 3.2 straight six waft mobile





I took this in part ex:





I sold that and for some unknown reason i bought this - had various problems but is a low mileage previously well cared for car:




thats where we are now; i have two mx5s and a battlebus

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