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video footage of GT4 will be unveiled at this May's E3.


The game is said to be online only, and every driver will be ranked by experience. This means that in Gran Turismo mode, all the other cars on the circuit will be driven by real people of a similar ability. Cars will be tradeable, there will be organised tournaments and you can ride along with other drivers, getting an in-car view of their laps.


Arcade mode will be a huge list of globally ranked players with chat-rooms tacked on. The huge scope of the game is what stopped playable code being available for E3, but if it ends up being half as good as it sounds, then the wait will be worth it.

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The game is said to be online only


If this is true then polyphonic Software and Sony are making a enormous mistake. The playstation 2 my have say roughly 145 million world wide units sold to customers, however I very much doubt that more than 0.001% of them would there for be purchasing this game.


Think about it. Sony's new Playstation broadband service is going to be arriving eventually, however how many people do you know have the following...........


A Playstation II (£200)

A Playstation broadband dial up adaptor (£unknown but expect around about £80 minumum)

A broadband internet connection




Sony are fools if they release the game as online only. GT1 was excellent, mostly becasue you could sit on your own and have an increadable experience, and some people prefer computers to boring little 12 year olds who will drive around the courses in reverse or hack your memory card and errase all your standings...............


ID Software made this mistake years ago when they announced Quake III was being developed and they said the follow.....


"Quake III will NOT run on any currently exsisting hardware, and we are typicially going to be running on systems that are twice the processor speed's of the current top specification ranges, and Yes, the online rumours where true, we are building Quake III to be an olnine only game."


Now Quake III was gonig to be released as an online only game, however even though the franchise is an already established series for over 5 years, with people playing the series online, ID software received, and i joke you not, MILLIONS of e-mails complaining about the lack of single player / offline mode.


As any of you wo have played the game will Know, there is a Significent portion of the game for single players now, with the game being re-written almost from scratch after John Carmick (ID softwares former partner), made the above anouncement.


So what hope does Sony have of making a game, for a console with no built in internet access , to a subcrition service (so that rules out anyone under 18 as well!) and selling it sucessfully............


I think you have a better chance of discovering that kylie minogue is a virgin and wants you to pop her cherry, whislt dani licks your crotch.............


The game is said to be online only


Don't beleive it.

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