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Might do this to mine


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like the lights, give it a kinda skyline look. the shape of the boot is different too, but looks ok with the lights. not keen on the bumper tho. its funny how uve gone from "gorgeous back end" to "dont even like it". i hope its not coz this lot all said "urgh"???

No, told the missus last night and thats exactly what she said, sarcasm is the word that springs to mind. Like i said an attention grabbing headline coupled with a believable statement. Whatever i do to my car wont be influenced by anyone on here :thumb:

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I did Mk5 with a similiar setup a year or so back, was a paying job as I was bored and a mate handed my number to someone for it, he sourced as set of r32 skyline rear clusters (near exactly the same as your pic) and wanted them fitted as your pic shows.


wasnt to difficult really...


stripped off the old rear clusters.... removed the lense's and then use the inside of the actual lenses as a mold for the basic repalcement shape, smothered the interior lense with talc then carefully layered fibreglass sheet strips and resin in till I had a good 4mm layer all over, waited for it to dry then pried it out.... the guide go's on but as he's gone off the idea......whats the point? lol


as it happens tho...... it did actually look quite decent coupled with a standard spat'ed bumper and a lower cosworth boot spoiler.

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