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Lucifer is dead.....Pics on Page 3 + 6


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Hello I'm a newbie & have joined the club just to give my opinion as it was also posted on www.escortcabrioletclub.co.uk.


Speaking from experience I was involved in a similar accident a day after my 19th birthday(now 33) the vehicle I was a passenger in come of the rd & somersaulted severel times - in wich I was thrown out the window & clear of the car. The car the came to rest ontop of me crushing me.

I ended up with a fractured spine, pelvis, ribs/lungs, nose shattered & ripped, teeth & jaw & a closed impound skull fracture (the worst type) basically lucky to be alive!!! & 3/4 facial reconstruction surgeries to get me where I am today & then 6 yrs after the crash then discovering that I HAVE A FRONTAL LOBE BRAIN INJURY!! It has been pretty devastating to say the least - had brain injury rehab for about 2yrs to enable me to develop coping strategies ect - & have to have daily support.


My point is what if this guy would have crashed into some1 & wrecked there lives the way mine has been ???


The hardest thing to cope with is the fact that I wasn't driving at least then I could blame myself & come to terms with it a little better.


Seeing them pictures is a sickening reminder of that day, that lad needs to take a look @ life & give his head a f*cking good shake!!!

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Ive heard wilkinsons have a industrial sized buffer/grinder on offer....that and a bucket of T-cut........ itll buff right out, and if anyone asks.....just say the missus tried to paralel park it......youd be suprised how many blokes will instantly sympathize with you
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Not that painfull to look at now lol


This brings back memories!!!


The engine lives on in another RS2k doesnt it :)


It does pal yeah, don't know to much of it though other than its in a silver MK5 on the isle of white.


I got JC to unlock this thread as it doesnt hurt now LOL

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