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Rules for 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012


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1. You will know about a show in plenty of time. Shows will be promoted in the Events section of the Main Section, booking details will be restricted to the Club Members Section


2. There will be deadlines for money to be received for show tickets and any other show related activities


3. Meeting times. Meet point and times will be announced approx 1 week before the event. When a FINAL LEAVE time is announced, please remember it and make it. We will leave at the specified time, then it will be down to YOU to enter the show to pick up your tickets and pass.


4. No tickets will be sent out, they will be collected on the day of the show by the person that booked their place on the stand.


5. Members solely of escortEVOlution with have priority on showing over members that are members AND SHOW with other clubs.


6. You must be a member of escortEVOlution at the time of the show, it is a members own responsibility to check that they will be. If you aren’t a club member at the time of the show you will not be allowed onto the stand! You can check how long is left on your membership HERE, you will also get an email reminder before your membership is due for renewal.


7. Members of escortEVOlution that do not own escorts will be allowed to show at club events should spaces on the stand not be filled by members with mk5/ mk6 escorts. This is limited to FORD cars ONLY, and MUST display some sort of EVO advertising.


8. We are operating a "3 strikes and you are out" procedure as regards to payment. If you put your name down and do not pay by the deadline 3 times, you will not be allowed to show with the club.


9. The same “3 strikes and you are out” procedure will apply to non-showers on the day. We understand that there might be problems in the time building up to the show, it is up to the member to inform the events coordinator of your unavailability to show, but not turning up on the day without prior notice WILL result on restrictions in your ability to show at further events


10. Tickets are NOT the property of the member until they are handed out on the day of the show. Tickets are NOT transferable between members. If, for any reason, you pull out of a show, the relevant coordinator re-claims responsibility for that ticket/s. If you do pull out of a show, you will not be refunded and you must PM the relevant coordinator to alert them in advance.


Remember, all cars showing must display EscortEvolution.co.uk on their car, as club member you will have had stickers, and we are aware that some of you have the url on your number plates. No reference to escortEVOloution, no show.

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