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New website all about outdoor shagging


The much debated subject of shagging in the car once again comes to the fore with news that it now has its own website. It should come as no surprise as there are websites that cover pretty much every topic known to man, but the British may be taking a particular interest in this subject.


Safeoutdoorsex.com surveyed 1500 people and the car came out on top as the favourite place to get it on - beating the beach. Other results include:


40% of people have got busy in the back yard

Over two thirds of people have had sex in a car

45% have done it in a field

The beach is also a popular choice at 41%

46% of people think al fresco sex is spontaneous and thrilling

Only 3% think it’s inappropriate

94% believe outdoor sex is a good way to maintain a healthy and exciting relationship

Only 1% of people believe that outdoor sex should be banned



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