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three cheers

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id like to applaud the red saxo driver today who :


a) cut me up off the roundabout

b) sped off at well over 70 in a 40mph zone

and c) did the above while a copper was tootling along behind us both


well done my friend i enjoyed seeing you pulled up in that layby having a ticking and most probably lots of points, the best bit was i got into town dropped off the part i was deliverin and then came back to see you still sat there, hah have some of that


(a very smug)

Adam :)

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justice maybe but u know that next time u go down that road at 48 or something that stupid u will get pulled. Or now as there has been a speeder they will have to lower the speed limit there and put 3 cameras in just to make sure. :censored:



In our paper last night it was on about how because accidents had gone down from 190 in a year to 140 ish the "safety" cameras are obviously working well so by increasing the amount of cameras on that road, there will be less accidents :kill:

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