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Court summons


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I sold a car on ebay in october last year. Thought that was the last I'd hear from it, but unfortunately that isn't the case.


In January this year i recieved to letters stating the car had been illegally parked in manchester city centre and in salford city centre. I phoned the appropriate persons to explain that I was no longer the owner of the vehicle. They stated that the car was still registered to me. I was shocked because I'd sent off the v5 document when the car was sold. I then made a few more calls to various companies to try sort out the problem, and sent off proof from ebay point out the name of the buyer. I didn't have any more info on the new owner as I wasn't there for the sale (my brother sold the car for me) Seemed like everything was sorted.


I've today recieved a letter summoning me to court, because the car has been used on the public road with no Tax since dec 07


Has anyone got any advice for this kinda situation?? I'm off the Citizens Advice tomorrow to see if they can help.

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Turn up on time,

Follow the motions,

Have proof of sale, (All the ebay things printed out)

Pray the Judge has some common sense.


Happened to me once, I got summoned to court about a car with lots of vehicle convictions, went to court and I'd not even owned the car so while in courted phoned the DVLA who confirmed that at no point in the cars history had I owned it..


Not the same situation but the 4 points generally help.

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i wouldnt worry bud, if you have the paperwork to prove you sold the car and the DVLA can back you up, ur fine


If you believe that, you'll believe anything! That's how it's supposed to work, but the system is jaded and biased.


If you plead not-guilty, the court case should (but not necessarily will) be adjourned to a later date.


As said, make sure you have a paper trail with as much info as you have on the sale and the new owner and include everything you have no matter how trivial it may seem. Screen dumps from eBay might assist you, and you can also show that you transferred your insurance to a new vehicle when you sold the old one.


If you have time, pop over to www.pepipoo.com and find the forums. Some good advice to be had there



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