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gearbox swap problem


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ive upgraded from a 1.6 gearbox to a 1.8 gearbox on my escort, now the 1.6 one was on the way out, so i put the 1.8 one in and ws told it was a good box.


now its all in and finished, however there is a problem selecting 2nd, 4th and reverse gear. it is a little difficult to get into these gears, however it finds them fine, just engaging them is difficult, and once thay ere in you have to pound the gearstick to get them out. now could this just be down to the linkage being off slightly or is it an internal problem with the new box? like i say there isnt a problem finding the gears but engaging and disengageing them is, but no problem with 1st, 3rd or 5th.

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