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GMAX Suspension,Buldge Bonnet,


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Set of GMAX Shocks with -60mm springs Mk5 only £75delivered




Pair of PG Speakers with tweeters in escort mk5/mk6 pods £20delivered




Pair of carpet trims removed from back off rs2000 mk5 seat looks like proper ford items £15delivered 1 has 2 tiny holes that had an amp attached





Kenwood CD Player + changer works fine dont know much more and has lead to connect to changer OFFERS also comes with box for removable front





RS2000/Cosworth headlights inc sidelights £45

Parcel shelf support mk5 mk6 £20delivered

Mk5 parcel shelf black clean £20delivered

White Buldge Bonnet £80delivered excellent condtion

6 Speed Wiper Stalk £20delivered inc relay

Mk5/Mk6 Fuel tank very clean still silver £45delivered

Mk5 rs front bumper £45delivered inc lights

MK5 RS Sideskirts £35pair delivered

MK5 RS Dash cluster £12delivered

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