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which gearboxes


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as some of you know ive blown my gearbox, well i was wondering if the rs 2000 g.box fitted and know one was certain well i can safely say that it doesnt. but an mk4 xr3i fits cos i was sold one and told it was a rs2000 one. (btw i didnt know wot either of them looked like, but i took the xr one back and got my money back, wot a time waster)


but wot i am now going to fit is an rs turbo g. box with a limited slip diff that reconditioned but im paying £325 for it with a sur charge of £70


but for this to fit you have to replace the starter motor as the one on the rs sits at the front intead of the back


well i just thought id tell you this for anyone who's thinkin about changin theirs

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