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oh dear, oh dear, oh dear......


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the cars been off the road 4 weeks now, and today i went to pick up a re-condictioned rs turbo g.box for £325 but......


comparing it with mine it will fit but one of the mounts is different, and the bloke said it would take alot of time and effort to make one, (basically too much hasle), soooo.....


now wot im having done is the inners of the rs gearbox, inc. the L.S.D. put into a si/gti housing and it should be ready for tomorrow but it means another two hour trip to wolverhampton then a trip up to sheffield to drop it then back home to grantham all in my grandads mondeo estate, boy its going to be along day


and this box is going to cost £400 8o , it better be worth it.

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