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Negative Supercharging

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Negative Supercharging is a highly advanced and complex Thermo Fluid Dynamic Process that converts the positive exhaust pressure produced after combustion into "Negative Boost" within the cylinders to pull more air into the engine. Negative Supercharging does NOT use any type of blower device and works the opposite to conventional supercharging by pulling air into the engine instead of pushing air like conventional superchargers and turbochargers. The best way to understand Negative Supercharging is to imagine you are reading about how engines work for the first time, otherwise you will never get it.




clever stuff that :cheers: might be an idea for u power hungry lads? 8)

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Yeah but it still means that the supercharger is an engine parasite unlike a turbo? Supercharger will only give you a % increase of what you already have - it takes 50hp to operate so technically could give you 75bhp extra but as uses 50hp you will only get 25hp usable increase.


Does this negative one run the same? I'm being stupid but can't see that it pulls the air in rather than push it make any difference? Anyone eplain?



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