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hi ppl, well, having seen an exhaust on ebay i thought id keep an eye on it. well, today was the day the auction ended so i thought id bid on it 3 minutes before it ended. i put my bid in and the Fcuking pc crashed on me..AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :curse: :curse: so i restarted and was praying it hadnt finished..but it did. :censored:
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it was a powerflow big bore 4, but i suppose i can get a rage now ;)



my mate has a rage back box and a powerflow centre pipe which were all fitted up by powerflow. it has to be the most ill fitting heap of shite i've ever seen! he's even took it all back off at the moment and refitted his old standard system cos it was just about falling off!


still serves him right for owning a paxo :P

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