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looking for some advice :)


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Just looking for some advice.

i had my accident in my focus about a month back now. the police had concluded it was my fault before even speaking to us. i turned out in front of the jeep that hit me as i didnt see it coming. i believe i dod not have its lights on and it was dark at the time and i crossed the junction and it hit me side on.

the jeep rolled.... one headlight still intact wich was not switched on when it rolled next to me.

i have got this in my statement. when the police were asking witnesses one said to the police what she seen happen... the police were automatically discounting what she had said and pointing it to me ( as i know this witness- i worked with her thats how i found out so in effect prior to giving her statement they were putting words in her mouth. the police officers had let the driver of the jeep go before i even got a chance to get her name ECT


it seems as though there are alot of grey areas with the case. no one was injured thankfully. the police have submitted a report to the courts to do me for careless driving. when giving my official statement the next day i asked the police woman who in my opinion was ooozing attitute at me. i asked if a traffic investigation was done and what was the outcome? they said they are not doing one despite my alligations of the jeeps lights being off ECT, how fast... was she on her mobile so on so forth. they have still told me they are filing a report for careless driving.


if this hits the courts i want to know where i stand...


A, Should a traffic report have been submitted as to my knowledge all accidents have to have a report done

B, if the answer to the above is yes,,, do they still have any baises to do me on apart from the witness statements whuch they were influencing the outcome of anyway?


im just getting worried as i know myself im not a careless driver and dont want to be for blame of somthing that is potentially not my fault. i know they can tell if the jeeps lights were on or off as the lights were smashed they can tell by the bulb filiment... if it smashed it would have burnt out but it seems they are more interested in young driver... alloy wheels... tinted windows, his fault and not bothered their arses with my alligations :(


i have been very stressed over it and do you think ill ever hear from the courts?

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this wont go to court, it was just a roadside collision,


if it was going to court you would of known by now, and would of been told so when you was making your statement and answering thier questions


i don't think you have anything to worry about to be honest,


i been there my self, and it isn't worth worrying about, honest

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