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heater blower not working checklist


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Hi all new to this and have the common problem of heater blower not working so i was hoping we could start a checking procedure to narrow down the problem for example checking the switch and the motor and fusebox and so on.

i am not a mechanic so i think it would be helpfull for people to be able to sort this out so lets have a starting list and how to check from all you guys who know what they are doing thanks :nutter:

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Is your problem, that the blowers are not working or you have not heat.


I have the same problem but if i give the blower motor a 12V feed from a car battery charger they spin up fine, ptu back in the car they dont work at all and i have around 11.4 to 11.8v doing to the blower motor when in the car. ie there is power from in the multi plug that goes on top of the blowers.


If your blowers are not working then it could be


1. The actual speed switch on the dash [1,2,3] is faulty

2. The blower motor them selfs have packup

3. The fuse box is knackered.

4. The resistor on the blower motas is knacker.

5. You have a bad earth that connects to the blower motors

6. Check the fuse for the heater blowers.


Its a pig to get to the actual blowers them self, u need to take the battery out, undo about 6 bolts/screws that hold the bulkhead to the car, cut the cable ties that are holding the main power cables that run along the back, take off both wiper arms, take of the scuttle panel, then pull the bulkhead toward the engine. [its made of plastic] then remove the large plastic cover that covers the blowers.


Some pics for u.




Plastic cover that covers the blower motor.




Blower Motor





Blower Motor Conectors



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yes my blowers are not coming on at the switch i have that goes into fuse box and blower works thats what i am doing at the moment have removed fuse box but could not see anything obvious so thats where i am at the moment guessing fuse box but just thought as its a common problem we could start a list of things to check and how to check
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think you will find that the track feeding the bottom of the fuse for the blowers within the fusebox have become open circuit,the whole fusebox is a tripple sandwich that has crap soldering on the sides,I`ve taken apart loads and fixed them,very involved,a quick fix is to put a link wire from another fuse bottom across to the bottom of the blower fuse,all you do is wedge a bit of wire in the slot on both fuses if you follow me.

Its a temporary fix tho`just to get you going.

The blowers are usually the first to give up then you will find the interior lights next,then anything might just go.

Permanant fix~another fusebox I`m afraid.

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ok my son took cover off today and looked at joined wires on multiplug the first wire is purple/black on first row i think

second wire is puple/blue on second row i think cant be 100% sure of rows as box all back in place


just a thought light on switch for ac does not come on and am only getting about 8 volts at switch as joining fuses together does not work could it be something else any ideas

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