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handbrake f***ed


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Have you got rear drums? Remove your wheel, and the bolt holding the drum on. Make sure the handbrake is down.


You cable should be there as far as I know!


Make sure the cable hasnt jumped out of its guide to the handbrake.


Well, thats how it is on a Corsa anyway! lol.

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you need the big socket, not sure on size though.


with the escort there will be 2 bracket looking things, one either side of the inner drum, chances are they will be right up against the edge, grab 2 flat head screw drivers, 1 for either side, put between the drum housing and (shoe?) brackety thing, youre aiming to move the (shoe) thing inwards a bit (not a massive amount) on both sides of the drum, need to do the same thing on the other side.


sorry for my crap explanation, only i know how to do it phsyically, not so good at describing it. lol.





\____/ << try to imagine thats your hub, the ( ) are what youre adjusting inwardly :)


ok, now im reading it and thinking... "is it outwards your supposed to move them?"


better wait for someone to correct me dude, my brain hasnt woken up yet :nutter:

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firstly i think its an automatic adjuster,,if you dont have a haynes manual id recommend just nipping it down to a fast fit center,, its a couple of mins job,, but damn hard to explain,,, lots of twist the thingy behind that ojamaflip,, also i dont think you actually need to go inside the drum,, depends on your model/yr


if your fast fits are like mine,, simon is a sound guy and will let me watch and explain so i can do it myself next time,, but then he also accepts cases of beer as payment )

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