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even more bit's for sale lol

tezmanian devil

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more escort bit's for sale...


mk6 electric wing mirror's (albergine(sp?) with come with the interior plastic's aswel £40 posted




pioneer door speaker's, dirrect replacement for mk5, proberly mk6 aswel?? 180wat £35 posted




mk5 escort standard rear light's £15 posted




mk5 half tinted clear rear light's £25 posted



1.8 zetec alternator, virtually new! £30 posted (is quite heavy)



snooper evolution, beep's when a speed camera is coming up, as new £30




i dont have pic's for these next bit's....



2 cvh power steering setup's (pump,rack,all pipe's,everything basically) ideal if your doing a rst conversion £60 posted each

mk5 rs/xr side skirt's, these are not the crap gti looking one's! £30 posted

pair of rear quarter window's with evo sticker's, xroc sticker's, and a tracker sticker on £15 posted

mtx-75 gearbox setup (box, shaft's, hub's etc) £40 collected

mk5 3dr door's £5 each collected

130ps air box £15 posted

105ps air box £10 posted

blue zetec rocker cover, but need's repainting £10 posted

mk5 feul tak with a cossy feul pump fitted £30



sensible offer's are welcome :cheers:

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