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My past & present.


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Hi All,

I'm Gav from Telford, I've owned a few escorts in the past, firstly being a Black 1.6 16v LX Dog slow, seemed the cambelt had gone at some point or something had caused the pistons to destroy the valves, New head, New Pistons & New Valves didnt really solve much it struggled to hit 70 so i began a 2.0ltr Conversion, At which time i got bored and swapped it for a punto (I know... there crap but i needed a car)...


This is the one,



The day i got it i stripped the interior to nothing (There was fungus growing inside it!)



Some XR2i Wingbacks :)



Few weeks later and LOTS more polish... I did the rear lights half tint.



A Few sets of wheels



Sportex Exhaust (Mock fitted in this pic)



Then anyway a few DAYS went by and i ended up on my side in a field as the punto tried to kill me (The wheels fell off the passenger side going over a hump back bridge!) I never checked it when i bought it jumped in and drove it away! (BAD IDEA!)...

Anyway you may have seen the White one in the above pics, this was my nans at this point she paid a stunning price for it (Around £1k a year ago!) and i got it off her for £200 (Mates-Rates'n'all).


This was a 1.4 CVH LX, in MUCH better condition! lol


The two togeather (Yes i was a pikey KRoozEr then!)



Anyway... 1st Mod some White Peugeot 406 15" Steel's in Ford Diamond White (Thanks to Mr Haywood of Telford)



Secondly... a 60mm All round lowering kit with spax dampers




Some Fancy Pics:




Then come some electronics:

Custom Dials:



Custom Dash/Airbag Location:



Then some serious sounds:




And then i moved on to bigger, dumber, more fuel thirsty cars and eventually lost my license for driving without insurance (Not my fault my policy was wrong, i didnt check it... i got done for neglagence)


Anyway its back now, and i've bought this from my nan (The same nan i had the white one off)...


It's a 1998 1.6 16v Finesse

Plans So Far:

- Induction Kit

- Exhaust System

- 60mm Lowering (All Round)

- 15" Pug 406 Steelie's in White

- De-Rubstrip

- Colour Coded Handles

- New Bonnet/Bumper

- A little dent repair to the rear end.


She's a beaut with only 26k on the Clock she runs like new...







I Plan on making the body reflect the condition a 26k car SHOULD be in! lol in any case once completed i definatly want to complete the 2.0ltr Conversion i started all those many year ago! lol got ALOT of bits left in my parents garage just need the actual engine when im ready!

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