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Kicker Subs & Amp- Very Powerfull


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Im looking to swap these for:

- Mk6 Bonnet in Ampro Blue

- Mk6 Fogged bumper in Ampro Blue (I've a pepper red one to P/X)

- GTi / Cosworth or Mondeo 16's Alloys

- GTi Half leather interior.





2x 12" Kicker ES65 (1 needs a little repair! however 1 single sounds better than both imo!!!)

1x JBL GTO 8 Channel Amplifier


This system kicks out some serious power and il be sad to see it go, the box is a homemade one and is quite rubish! id highly reccomend buying a Single 12" Ported box, running this amp & 1 sub for a great power sound!

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