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Ghia X Estate project - Slow Progress


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OK i have had this since November but have only just started legally driving since February. Got it for £380 on Ebay with a couple of months tax and MOT so i was happy with that. Needed a new cat for MOT but sailed through after that so i thought i would have a little fun with it.


So far as you can see:


Tints (badly done)

Sh!tty alloys off.............16" mondies on!

Bonnet raisers

Groovy Ebay seat covers (Until i get some half leathers)

Calipers and drums yellow (yes thats right - drums!)

Super plastic silver foot mat things (Ebay) - Need some fitted ones

Induction cone fitted

4" Big bore exhaust

New tailgate with wailtail spoiler lol (Very bad spraying attempt)

Old speakers out 4 x 800w speakers in

1600w Double sub and 1000w amp

Blue Dash, stereo surround and gearstick surround


OK that is where i am at, i have bought a new modded bumper but am trying to work out how to fit, am after some morettes or Halos for the front and some tinted lights at the back. I am also toying with a scoop on the bonnet


Where should i go from here?........ The yellow drums are staying!







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Are the rear disks expensive? How hard are they to fit?


not a simple job with the estate like it is with the hatch.


will need to look into used focus stuff. youll prob either have to try and get a focus rear beam and possibly need to mod it to fit. or maybe some kind of addaptor plate and hub to fit rear calipers.


black drums and 300's on the front will do!

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