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new engine mount won't fit!


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1st post here so i hope its the right section

So rear mount -on rear rhs above transmission was dust-replacement came-its an oval shape,with hole's near the tip's and a cone of rubber that has a threaded bolt comeing out of it to attach to engine

Followed haynes manual-jacked up van-put her on axel stands-took weight of engine using jack and wood..loosened 3 bolts and freed old mount-it came out in 2 pieces-

Then encountered problem trying to get new mount in..just won't fit!need about another inch clearance to get it in-so do i crowbar an extra inch?i tried moving the jack about and lifting the engine from different spots but on joy-it seem's to be catching on the wishbone below

Should i compress the mount somehow? Or loosen another mount to get more room

Car is outta order until i get this done so any info or help would be great..thanks in advance



Engine is a 1.8 diesel-van is a 55 from 1996..


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Do you mean the aqua mount on the right hand side at the back of the engine bay?


If so i changed mine without taking off any other mounts, if i remember i had to jack up the gearbox then pull the engine forward with a bar to get the room i needed to slot it in.


And this should be in the mechanical section, mods will move it for you :)

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