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Anyone interested in this once i get an RS?


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just to add now had a stick on front number plate, sony stereo and a new rear plate since the pics


Bodywork... all there, plenty of small dents scuffs peeling and rattle can touch ups some very minor surface rust around edges, but i'm talking hardly anything

underneath undersealed and no signs of rust or plating - this suprised me! given the cars age


Roof - good order no leaks!!! rear window has a few marks


all the glass in the car is undamaged


Electrics - a/c works but not gassed, sony stereo few years old but good working order, just fitted a new window regulator complete assembly to drivers side, passenger side works, both a bit slow coming up, battery good, head lights slightly corroded- work really well still but probably want replacing. they pop up as they should, all rear lights work including fog light (in clusters not bolted on) power steering works fine, belt a bit squeaky when using full lock at parking speeds. had an alarm but now completely disconnected


Engine - holds good oil pressure, revs well, just done oil/filter and air filter. rocker gasket leaking- not a noticeable amount but its been weeping for some time, has antifreeze in, warms up as you'd expect doesn't overheat.


Transmission - box is a bit stiff until its warmed up, double clutching needed to shift down from third to second when cold once warm its fine, diff whines at motorway speeds but seems to be working fine, hopefully dsraining and refilling the box and diff and some treatment will sort these out as it looks like the diffs been leaking, if not i will probably replace the diff


Interior - Drivers seat has stains/marks from godknows what, but all adjusts correctly passenger seat good, both seats have warn through on the headrests where the style bar is


wheels/brakes - all four wheels kerbed lots, all four tyres pirelli 195/50/15s all plenty of tread, passenger rear bit lower than rest. front discs and pads plenty of life, rear discs of but needs new rear pads (may do this before i sell)


extras- jap chrome style bar, front splitter, TSW wheels, Momo millenium steering wheel, boot spoiler, stainless backbox with twin exit (loud)


Imported in 2000 declared manufactured 31/12/1991


tax till end of july

test till august - will pass another mot with some rear brake pads and might need new head lamps


its done 141000km - 87k miles two previous uk owners - first owner had for 7 years then car had a bump - cat d'd and bought by guy i got it from, the bump was so minor the only bit replaced was the rear numberplate panel and the bootlid

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