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MK6 Escort Bits

RS Grant

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Ok, need some front brakes asap as the calipers on my 1.6 are fooked... binding like a biach.


- Ideally just after some RS2000 replacements (Calipers must be in top condition, no sticky pistons etc) would consider uprated discs/pads/lines if the price isnt too mental.



Then in next couple of weeks, I might be after:


- Lowering Kit, shocks and springs.

- GTi Skirts & Rear Spats (3dr)

- Fog Front Bumper or Mexico Front Bumper (Same as fog bumper, but with black blank plates in fog holes)

- Laguna or Espace Front Splitter

- White Dials (Must be in full working order, illumination as well... got mugged off before)


All for much cheapness. :thumb:





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