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Welding needed !


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Well after a new clutch , new brake shoes, new tyres , new wheel bearings and new cv joint .... it still needs a new timing belt

put car in for its mot yesterday and guess what happened .... Yup Fail .

A few problems with the lights nothing major but the outer sill on the nearside is " excessively corroded " does anyone know a good trustworthy welder in the Lancashire / North west region who would weld this for us if we supplied the sills not bothered about getting it painted just yet just need to get it through its MOT

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scrap the rust bucket


Are you joking your on about scrapping a car because it needs a new sill in the right persons hands they'll have it done inside a couple of hours the lads just spent loads on other things that have gone wrong whats to say if he buys another car its not going to be as bad id repair what youve got atleast you'll know in your head its done.

If your not competent to weld it your self get the yellow pages out and ring round all the body shops/ accident repair centers in your area and get some prices but remember cheapest isnt always best if your alright with a screwdriver and socket set strip the car down yourself take it to be welded then put it back together yourself as that way you'll save money as your not paying the hourly rate of the bodyshop to strip and rebuild your car

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