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A few problems...


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I've had my escort a few months now, but its been too cold to get the work it needs, done. So, I'll be starting it very soon, with an oil change. Bt there are a few things that I'm not sure about so here they are:


1. Gearbox. Mines a bit tappety after a run, and the diff is worn. How much is a low milage one from scrappy and are they a hard swap?


2. Theres a wierd buzzing sound on accelerating.. It sounds as though its from the right hand side of the engine bay (looking from the front). Any ideas what this might be?


3. Brakes. They squeak. You know the one, the high pitched squeel when you're braking- however, in mine its only on light braking, and oddly, on about a quarter turn of left steer :S


Heatshield on the exhaust. Mine is loose. I think it might have broken when my exhaust broke.. Can I take this off, or will it make the petrol tank blow up :P I'm yet to have a good look at this, It might just be a bolt loose :)




Any ideas on any of the above? Any help would be appreciated!





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Top your gearbox up with oil this could be the cause of the noise during acceleration, oil may stop all them symptoms, if symptons persist then a gear box should only cost £50

brakes may need cleaning so go halfords and buy brake/carb cleaner this will remove brake dust, as for the rears you have to take the drums off, then you get some sand paper and roughen the drums and brake shoes up, then spray again with brake/carb cleaner, then refit.

Exhaust, the heat shield has bolts on them what could of happened is they could of been pulled thro the heat shield, can be replaced easily by a trip down the scrap yard, and no it wont blow the petrol tank up,

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