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ignition key and barrell


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right the situ is..my dads 96 mk6 1.6 zetec has a dodgy key or barrell.. the key is very worn..it takes a bit of wiggling to get the key to turn in the ignition..we have his old 96 mk6 1.4 key and barrell..which are fine.

how easy is it to swop barrells over and would it work??

is there another option etc???

what about programming the key??


my dad wants to swop them over so he doesnt have to fiddle with it to take steering lock off/start the ignition..

is it do-able???

would it be easier to get a new key cut for the 1.6?? do we have to go to ford to get it done?? how much would he be looking at??

cheers for the help guys! :cheers:

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the barrel and key will work,, but what i think you need to do is tape the old key as near to the lock as poss so that the transponder for the imobiliser will work,, id suggest inside the steering wheel cover and securely as poss,, the downside is that the car will no longer be imobilised against theft,,


the other option ive heard is to glue the old key fob (minus the metal key) to the new fob, but that seems messy to me

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take off the cowell.. and have a look ontop of the barrel,, in the housing there should be a small brass button/pin,, turn the key to position 1 and then press the brass thing in,, that should allow you to pull the barrel out,, its that way on all the fords ive done,, just not a eccie,, but fiesta/mondeo/sierra/granada were all the same


if not look it up online,, should be a guide out there

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