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Violent shaking when turning right


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When Im turning right with just me in the car and I accelerate hard I get a vibration in the steering wheel and I can feel it all through my seats. Now if I have a passenger in the car or especially in the back as well the vibrations become far more violent and the whole car shakes. Now this doesnt happen if your not accelerating it only happens if your foots flat to the floor and its only when turning to the right.


The cars had an RS2K conversion and is lowered 40mm and standard wheels ect. Nothings rubbing.


What could this be? Its getting really annoying because I never want to accelerate when turning right because it makes my car feel like a bag of Shite :(


Many thanks

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Thanks guys, will get her checked over tonight!


Quick question though...wouldnt the wheel bearing show up when turning right regarldess of weather I was accelerating? As in I can turn right while going 50 and the car feels smooth as anything but as soon as I put my foot down and accelrate it startes to only shake then?

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