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I need HELP!!


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Hi guy need some advise of what to do.


Ill start with the simptons. Judery, Popping noise when pulling off or when drove slugshly ( like driving in 5 gear when should be in 3rd) Lack of power.

This is what i have now. When it started, i had a leaky down pipe/cat, to midbox and i kept getting juddery driving and loud popping noises which sounded like it was coming from under the car where the leak was. We check undernieth and realise the cat was gone, so i removed all the platimun from it and we refifted it but still it was judery and poping, When we had the bonnet up reving it and it popped it sounded like it was coming fom the back of the engine. Also there is some kind of breather pipe on the back of the manifold which goes somewere to the bottom end i think, just under the dizzy. That pipe seems to have perrished, and also you can here air pissing out of it. I dont no what to do really i cant really afford for somone to take it apart to look at it, but my mate thinks the popping noise is coming from inside the head, Valves he says.? I hope i have gave enough desciption as possible, sorry if its all over the place, its a 2000 x reg 1.6 16v zetec escort finesse.


Any help apriciated

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