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Mk3/4 Escort owners, please help!!!!


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I need help with this, haynes manual doesnt tell you much at all with the wiring diagrams. So need somebody with a mk3 RS/XR to have a look at their car and tell me the following, i'll be so greatful!


I need to know the following:


What wires you have connected to your alternator, inlcuding colour

What wires you have connected to your starter motor, and where they are bolted to it


Need to know colours, and where the wires come from. I have the twin red lead that goes from the starter to alternator, but its the blue, blue/white and the black/yellow wires i need to know info on. Need to know what they connect to and where they go.




Looking at the dizzy cap as if you were stood by the passenger wing looking straight at it, can you tell me or draw a quick diagram of what plug leads go where! Nobody can give me a definitve answer, nor can the haynes manual! Stupid question i know, but strangely hard to find answer!

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My RS is at my dads and I havent had a chance to get round there to have a look for you. I called him and asked him to have a look and he said he couldnt see the blue/white or the black/yellow. He could only see the double red from the alternator to the starter and the blue from the alternator to the ignition.


He double checked in the Haynes manual and like you said, it was no help at all.


Sorry I couldnt be more help. When I am next at my dads I will take a look (Problem is he lives 20 miles away)


Hope ya get it sorted.

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