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MK6 Escort 1.6SI


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hey guys, in this very short time ive owned my escort ive found out I cant afford to run it and pay off insurance for it so its going to have to go up for sale, not looking for a quicksale and im open for offers


The car has full service history, most MOT history and is showwing 88k on the clocks, theres 4 previous owners on the car aswell,fully standard car no mods at all(original headunit etc)

Just put a fresh MOT on it with 2advisorys, one of the front wishbones needs a new bush and some rust under the rear structure, it did have more rust but i got that all welded up and sorted, New front pads just under 800miles ago and exterior and interiar is in very good condition and the rear seats hadn't been sat in in the last 6years as previous owner was 89years old with no one too carry about, exterior has its good old bumps n scrapes and a very very minor car door dent, also one annoying thing I have with the car is the rear ashtray(by handbrake) doesn't like to stay in, after a few days it'll soon be back out. Im willing to part ex/swap show me what you got.

The car is located in bedfordshire(MK45).

But yeah, theres enough of me baffling on and ill let pics try to persuade.










Will take some interior pictures tomorow and post them up.

looking for £800 ono.



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