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Peugeot Speedfight100 , wasa laugh was 17 and had the world at my feet ( or wrist ;) ) , Ended up in bit's and finally scrapped due to me seizing the engine twice.


Aprillia RS125 , Ahh 18 first finance three and half grand and on the day the 05 plate came out, I loved this bike, ended up selling it for half its value a year later. And im still paying the finance off!!! :(


VW Polo CL 1.3. First car was a bit Shite as the bodywork was pony but i enjoyed it, untill the exhaust manifold decided to comeaway then the headgasket went. It stayed around for about 2 years but ended up in the scrappy after it was raped for parts.


VW Polo GT 1.3, This car was great, close range gearbox and a nippy 1.3 engine, i spent about 2-3 grand on this car in the end. Sold it for a grand.


VW Golf GTi 1.8, cost me 300 pound, had 200,000 miles on the clock but still pulled like a train, swapped it for the next car.


VW Polo GT 1.3, Basiclly swapped the golf for it so i could fit all the parts from the GT to my other polo


VW Polo Genisis 1.3 , slammed about 90mm on the front and 80mm on the back, 4branch decat with straight through exhaust. Was like a go kart


Nissan Almera , cost 200 pound was T&T for 5 months, was fun, First propper new car i had with electric and pas ect. Back box fell off, I shafted some old biddy up the ass when my foot slipped off the brake pedal.


And now my escort...........


I cant find other pics, ill upload when i do

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