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One for auto sparkys, fuel relays!


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Just sorting out many niggles that i have, doing one by one. I have noticed that i am 2 relays missing from my rs1600i (which is essentially a s1 now, with s1 loom)


Im missing: fuel pump relay and the fuel MODULE relay. I found a s2 pink relay so have used that for the fuel pump relay (im hoping i can do that!), but my problem lies with the MODULE relay, i dont have this, and neither do S2 RST's! its very hard to explain to anybody what this is and try finding one!!!! im guessing it turns the fuel ecu on. Anybody know how i can bypass this relay or any suggestions? If anybody has a mk4 escort haynes manual, its in diagram 4a and is number 67 (purple book). Currently i have no feed going to the fuel pump, checked with a multimeter.


Also, i have another weird issue, turn the ignition to pos 2, and the starter motor turns(!), if you turn it to 3, then the rest of the ignition comes on. Checked the ignition switch and its wired correctly. All colours match, my immediate thought is to just swap the wires from pos2 to pos3. (this isnt related to the problem mentioned above)

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for the turning the key problem.


there is a relay that turns on everything electrical in the car. the ignition relay. looks like you could be getting the relay turning on at position 3 rather than 2.

is the conversion your doing one thats been done many times? simple job just swapping parts? or is it more involved when it comes to wiring? if so you may just need to swap those 2 ignition cables round but if this job has been done many times without getting this problem its probably not that.



as for the other relay. is there a colour printed around the area of the relay you need. that normally tells you what colour relay you need at least and the shape. at least on the mk6 boxes it does.


you could run the pump i a few ways.


take a fused feed straight from the battery via :

--:a switch in the car that you operate manually

--:through a circuit controlled by the ignition relay


or you could run off the ignition relay somewhere making sure the point that you tap into the circuit isnt already under electrical load and/or can overload the fuse.


but your problem will most likely come down to something like connections, fuse box issues etc that can be fixed without running more cables. fault finding is the bitch :cheers:

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