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Sidrick's 2009 Film Review Thread (opinions not requested)


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No replies or opinions needed here as its just my personal view on the latest films


Tyson Documentary/Film




Nothing much I didn't already know, but it does portray him in a (generally) good light.


Worth a download, but maybe not £6.50 at the cinema.








Stay tuned for my review of the fast and the furious 4 tomorrow.

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Gran Torino




I'm a big fan of the films that Clint Eastwood has directed, and loved Million Dollar Baby, but this isn't quite as good.


A good film that never really gets boring, but on the same note, never really gets too exciting either.


We're taken through a journey of old, racist Eastwood going from hating some chinese folk next door, to loving them.


As much as I love the guy, it's hard to take an 80 odd year old man seriously as a hard man.


Predictable end.


8/10, just.

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Transporter 3


I was very disappointed with this, even though I'm a fan of the series and Statham's cheesey action films in general.


OTT stunts and a crap storyline make this a flop in my eyes. There's some nice visual effects.


Oddly, people who didn't like the others, seem to like this one.


The main bird in it isn't hot.



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