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celica vvti 190


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lovey car although i would say get a 1994-1998 one.


having diven both i would say the 94+ one is much more of a drivers car, especialy the GT4. The reason i would buy a celica is due to the fact its Jap and i dont really see the 99 models as a jap mans car.


the 94+ one offers so many tuning possibilities. I see you are from gillingham? I have a good friend from Darland banks who owns a white 98 Celica GT4 putting out over 280BHP. In the snow he had the unfortunate accident of hitting a curb and jumping a farmers fence on lower rainham road. we went down, towed him out exspecting snapped LCAs, bead ball joints, split sump ect. We clipped the undertray back on and the car drove perfect, the tracking was still 100%


they are ace cars and are built like tanks but i preffer the previous gen IE the GT4

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