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Couple of ice questions


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Speaker Mounts

Anyone used the 17cm Speaker mounts from caraudiodirect for their front speakers? Any good? I was going to mount tweets and woofer in one of these. It comes with its own grill, but I don't see why you'd need it as the door cards have got em, am I wrong about how they mount?


Multichan Amp

Also, been looking at the Vibe slick a4 multichan amp.

The wattage stated and features seem very decent for the cash. But is this amp actually any good?

It states 4x150wRMS into 4ohm, 2x250wRMS into 2ohm. Then says it'll do 2x500W in mono, is that 4 ohm as well? How the hell does that work? Or can it handle a 2ohm load in bridged mode?


Link: Vibe Slick A4


I'll be using two bridged channels to drive a 250w sub and the other two to drive my rear speakers. Do you know if Crossovers can be adjusted seperately for the channels? Does it take one set of RCA inputs or two?


New Sub

I'm also looking for a new sub. I'd like something that hits with more wallop than my current oldschool JBL GT4 (250wRMS, 1000wMax) but I'd like it to be responsive enough to deal with some rock and decent music as well as big bassline delivery. You reckon the SPL Dynamics V300S4 (350w, 4ohm) be significantly better than my JBL?


Is the be BlackAir BA12 v3 any good. Would that multichan amp be good enough?


Nice one


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