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Alarm won't turn off


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I hope someone can help me with this!


Yesterday I locked my GTI with the key like I always do. 10 minutes later I came back to it and unlocked with the key, opened the door and the alarm went off. I closed the door again and locked it. The alarm didnt stop, so I kept trying to lock/unlock (even holding the key in position to set the alarm) and it still wouldnt stop. The immobiliser light was on but I could start the car and drive it with the alarm going off and the hazards flashing. I took the hazard fuse out so I could get it home.


Once I got it home I had to open the boot and disconnect the alarm. I took the immobiliser fuse out and then put it back in to reset it, all seems well now but I am without an alarm.


Anyone know what has happened? Has something gone wrong with my key or do I have a bad earth?



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